December 2023

Meet Our C-Sweet

Sorry not sorry for the pun. We’ve gone through a rebrand over here at Radical Forge! New visuals for a new era of the studio. You can read all about that right here (link to other blog post). But that’s not the only change… we’re now here to boldly share who we are and what we’re all about.

This week, we want to reintroduce you to our directors. To understand Rad Forge’s unique culture and why we work the way we work, you have to get to know who leads us.

Radical Forge has two founders, Freddie and Bruce. They started Rad Forge back in 2017, you can read all about it here. Bruce Slater is our CEO and Creative Director. Freddie Baboard is our CTO. Alongside them and making up the studio’s four-person director team are Red Freeman, our CCO, and Tom Didymus, COO and CFO. All those C’s sound very CCCCorporate, so let’s get away from the titles, so you can get to know them as people.

Today we’re releasing our first director interview with Bruce Slater. You’ll find out what feels like to grow a 70-person game studio, the wild business deals he’s done in a kayak (yeah, really) and even what his favourite Pokemon is.

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Charis Reid

Brand Manager

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