We make all kinds of wacky and wonderful games.You can’t box us into one genre! We’re all about making unforgettable gaming moments. In 2020 we released our first original IP, murder mystery narrative-puzzler Bright Paw. Soon we’ll be able to share with you our next creation.

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Weird farming meets silly physics in Southfield! Our flip-flopping farming game allows players to combine chaotic crops with unpredictable effects, build their dream farmstead, and experiment with playful machinery.

Become a Bud – big, bouncy, and extraordinarily uncoordinated! You’ll have a blast, speeding across the colourful landscape, meeting the locals, and completing quests.

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Go wild with creative sandbox tools to construct super-unique builds. Treat your Buds like royalty with their very own stone castle, or live a simpler life in little wooden lodgings. With plenty of materials and customisations to create your very own home away from home, the sky is (literally) the limit. Express yourself and give Bud a unique look with customisable colours, quirky outfits and accessories.

But beware, Southfield’s spectral mischief makers, the Ruffians, are out to cause chaos for you and your crops. It’s up to you to defend yourself, protect your harvest, and restore balance to the island. Whether you’re a solo explorer, or you’re looking for a new destination to play with friends – Southfield is the place to be!


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A gunshot rattles the house and now your owners are dead. Clearly murdered. But why? And where’s the culprit? The answers won’t be easy to come by, especially because you’re the family cat! Guided by the omnipotent Narrator, play as feline hero Theo as he embarks on an epic adventure to solve the crime and exact revenge on the evildoers.

The quest will take you through more than 70 bespoke levels, each an escape room puzzle with unique hazards, and an intriguing, fully voiced narrative full of twists and turns. With gorgeously stylized visuals, more than 180 hidden collectibles scattered across the mysterious labs of Bright Paw Industries, and an ambient soundtrack, this logic puzzler is sure to tease your brain and keep you smiling.


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