December 2023

A Radical Rebrand

It’s the beginning of a brand-spanking new chapter for Radical Forge. Back in 2017, we couldn’t have dreamed that we’d grow from 2 founders to a team size of almost 80. That’s nuts!

We went from helping our friends make their games, to releasing our own first game, Bright Paw. Radical Forge expanded so we could support other game studios and make our own original game ideas a reality. We’ve won awards for our growth, leadership and studio, which has really helped fill out the office IKEA shelves.

Radical Forge is now a place where developers can work on ambitious, quality games and expect to feel valued, have autonomy and get transparency from leadership. If they work remotely, which half of our staff do, they’ll get the comfort of their own workspaces. If they work in our Middlesbrough HQ, they’re surrounded by over 100 skateboards, 200+ artbooks and a fuck ton of plushies.

We’re now on the brink of announcing our next original IP game, made possible with the Private Division Developer Fund. We have a vision for a bright, radical future but our branding needed to catch up. The unique spark you’d see talking to our team or visiting our office wasn’t coming through online.

When Radical Forge hit success, we could have gone sleek, corporate, and inoffensive. Preppy. Your mother would have loved it. We could have bought nice ties. That’s not us, there’s no way we’d crush our playful culture into some plain sleek exterior. We’d look like three raccoons in a suit if we had even tried.

We dove into authenticity. Our new identity was forged from the endorphins of landing that sweet trick, unforgettable memories of wild gigs, and seeing awe-inspiring street art that breaks the rules and brings joy to your day.

Our new branding is Radical Forge at its core. It’s alternative. You might hate our new look, and that’s alright. Punk was never meant to be for everyone, and we want to wear our culture on our sleeves.

We’ve got a new logo and along with it, a new mascot, Flip. A skateboarding raccoon that embodies our multifaceted studio vibe. We like mosh pits and tattoos, but that doesn’t mean we’re not friendly, kind and love cute shit. Our studio came together to decide on the lore for Flip and we can’t wait to share that chaos with you one day.

Now Radical Forge has a fresh and alternative look to match our alternative approach. We hope your mother hates it.

Charis Reid

Brand Manager

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